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Join The Shreni Family:

If you are an artisan or worker or business owner, join the Shreni network to be connected to others in your field. Contact us at 9108505475 to join our WhatsApp groups. You can support our weavers, then buy our weaver direct sarees on 


Join The Shreni Team:

If you’re interested in interning or volunteering with us, reach out! Send us an email at with your resume and relevant experience, and what fields you’d like to explore.

Partner With Us:

We’re always looking for conscientious organizations who want to align with us and better the livelihoods of occupational groups across South India. If you’re interested in collaborating with us on projects, send in a mail at


Source Ethically:

If you are a brand or a reseller looking to connect directly with artisans, get in touch with us. Check out the different clusters of artisans and professions that we work with, and we can be a bridge between you and them. Drop an email with your requirements at

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