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  • Building occupational networks across South India 

  • Creating opportunities for better market access and fair return on labour

  • Organizing traditional occupations into peer-led groups


Hiriyara Sanmana

Weaver's Colony, Dec 2018

More than hundred weavers gathered for this Shreni event where various people involved in the cycle of weaving profession were recognized and rewarded for their contribution to the craft. Ms. Pavithra Muddaya, the chief

guest of the event was overwhelmed by the reception which was a testament to the respect and pride weavers have for their community.

Weavers Meet

Gayathri Bhavan, Sep 2018

A large number of weavers gathered at the Gayathri Bhavana, Weavers Colony for this Shreni initiative to find out about various government schemes, benefits, and facilities available for weavers. This was followed by a question-answer session and general dialogue between the weavers who shared their experiences and ideas.

Design Challenge

KVIK, August 2018

A creative thinking challenge was undertaken by 6 ladies, who took part in this Shreni event. We conducted activities such as the on-the-spot challenge, which engages people's creative thinking skills. The women were then split into 2 groups, and provided with stripes of colourful clothes and accessories to come up with new creative products with of them.


Glass Painting, Hosur, Sep 2018

Shreni conducted a glass painting workshop for women in Hosur, with trainer Lalitun Nihar from R. T. Nagar, Bangalore with the aim of teaching the interested women a new creative skill.


We are currently running dedicated WhatsApp groups for all of our different shreni. On the groups, members showcase their work, share their ideas, find solutions to various professional problems. They share opportunities, schemes, and other relevant information, and also extend their products and services. The Shreni team regulates what is posted to ensure it remains relevant, and also steps in whenever required to translate posts and share them with other Shreni groups. 


We track the activities of the WhatsApp groups, which helps us determine underpinnings of group behaviours, which we map to aid our research and validate our assumptions. Our Karma Points system allows us to reward desirable groups behaviour, with points that our members can redeem. 

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-27 at 12.30.05 PM
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