We have a very diverse member base with members who come from various professions and have a wide range of experience, skill, and reach. All of our members are contributors to various crafts, traditions, and skills that are diminishing rapidly. We are doing our best to highlight their efforts and work, to help them achieve the respect and recognition they receive.

Nekaara Shreni
Powerloom Weavers
Fashion Design Shreni
Tailors, Embroiders and Silk Thread Artists
Mysore Wood Inlay Shreni
Wood Inlay Artisans
Kaimagga Shreni
Handloom Weavers
Badagigala Shreni
Mysore Wood Carving Shreni
Wood Carving Artisans
Kalavidhara Shreni
Aatike Tayarike Shreni
Channapatna Toys
Hospitality Shreni
Chefs & Service Staff


Occupational Networks

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